How we help

70% of the people seeking assistance here remain in permanent housing.

And are never homelessness again.

Homeless Person Holding a Sign

Help for Those In need

The key is following each individual through each step of our system. Giving them resources when they need them, and helping them stay on the right path, eventually enabling our less fortunate neighbors to return to dignity and begin to contribute to society again.

Our primary focus is on episodically homeless that are unable to generate enough income to afford safe, long-term housing.

Through donations and partnerships, we provide rapid housing; the first step back to permanent housing.

Homeless Person Holding a Sign

A Focus on Dignity

Dining with Dignity is our ground-floor interaction with our clientele. Each Tuesday we provide a hot, hearty, well-cooked meal. Our front-line employees and volunteers warmly and courteously treat those in need with the respect that they are unlikely to find elsewhere in their lives.

Rapid Rehousing for people without homes

Housing Support

Career Counseling

Case Management

Wellness Classes

Financial Assistance

Health and Hygiene

Rent Subsidy

Step 1

Every Tuesday, we provide a safe and welcoming environment where anyone who needs a little help can come be served with warmth and care. Dining with Dignity is the initial touchpoint to create relationships and trust that set the foundation for everything that follows.

Step 2

Through coordinated efforts that connect participants in the program with caring professionals. We educate participants on how to achieve success from the program and provide support for the unique needs of those experiencing homelessness. At this point, we introduce them to Rapid Housing.

Step 3

During their time in Rapid Housing, we provide hands-on assistance as we walk these people in transition through the services they require and provide essentials to meet their everyday needs.

Step 4

We go beyond Rapid Housing to provide assistance assisting with the legal, monetary, and health challenges that many homeless people face. We provide a clear path to homefulness giving them the confidence and tools to succeed.

First Coast Community Development

First Coast Community Development is committed to assisting veterans and civilians experiencing homelessness one community at a time.